We Believe in Helping People

help more people

At Marketplace Earth, we believe that business is all about helping other people. Successful people are those who can help other people and provide value to the world.

If you’re a business that is great at helping other people, but not great at letting the world know about it, contact us. We’re in the business of helping you help more people.

1. Grow Your Business

Every business is different. We get to know your business, customers and competition and pour fuel on what works by choosing the strategy and right channels.

2. Reach More People

We get it. Marketing budgets are tight. We help you get the most out of your marketing dollars. After all, we’re from Cincinnati. You know, that Pete Rose guy? Sure, he’ll never be in the hall of fame, but no one in the history of the game hustled more and knew how to stretch singles into doubles.

3. Change More Lives

We never forget that we use marketing strategies and tactics to help more people. Because … we like people. We believe businesses who add value succeed. If you’ve built something beautiful, we want to help you add more value and bring that beauty to the world.

Hi, I’m Eric

I’ve been working in Internet Marketing since 2006. I cut my teeth mastering SEO and applying it to numerous e-commerce clients as well as 3 of my own e-commerce sites. I excel in identifying problem areas, finding opportunities, optimizing for conversion and boosting user acquisition.

From 2013-2015, I served as Head of Marketing at Cladwell.com, a fashion-tech startup where he oversaw the growth of the user base from 25 to 200,000+ users. I had a blast working with this local Cincinnati team and helping build a very cool brand while utilizing a number of marketing tools – SEO, Paid Marketing, Facebook, Adwords, Email Marketing, Blogging, YouTube and more.

I get a lot of joy out of helping businesses that I believe in grow. I am a husband of over 11 years and father of three sons. I’m active with my church and community, and I love my Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.

Learn more about me here. Linkedin Profile