Last week, LinkedIn announced the introduction of company status updates. Now, your company can post news, job listings, events, videos, photos and other content directly to your company’s business profile. More importantly, your followers can interact with your posts by commenting, liking and sharing it with their networks. The new feature allows businesses to keep their LinkedIn profiles much more fresh and interactive.

The new feature will perhaps be most useful to B2B companies. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks provide great opportunities for brands to reach out to consumers, but it’s a lot harder for businesses to reach other businesses. A recent report published by eMarketer shows that B2B purchasing decision-makers are much more likely to gather information from LinkedIn than from Facebook. It follows that B2B brands would be well-served to focus more of their marketing efforts on their LinkedIn presence. The new status updates feature makes LinkedIn a much more versatile business networking platform—more like a Facebook for businesses.

LinkedIn no longer displays Twitter feeds on company pages, so the new LinkedIn system is now your only option for posting status updates. In order to use the new feature, your company will first need to switch its profile settings to allow editing by “designated admins only,” then choose an administrator or administrators for your profile.