Marketplace Earth Offers Local SEO Services To Help Your Business Grow

If you are a small business looking for Local SEO services to boost your leads and revenue in 2017, then watch this video and see how our clients are ranking in the top results on Google Maps.

In this video, we discuss:
– What is local SEO
– Where do Local SEO results show up on Google Search Engine Results Pages
– Why you should focus on Local SEO for your small business
– What are the Local SEO Search Ranking Factors and
– Case Studies of our clients who are ranking in the top of Google’s snack pack

We discuss all of these issues in this video to help you get more leads for your business using Local SEO in 2017.

This video can apply to any local business, but particularly, we focus on assisted living marketing strategies. If you are a senior living or residential assisted living owner, than Local SEO needs to be a part of your marketing strategy.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a highly effective form of local online marketing. It allows your business to promote services to local customers exactly at the time they are looking for your business.

In the past, consumers had to call around or use a directory to find the business they needed. Today, it’s all about using Google to search on their mobile phones.

Local SEO uses search engines like Google and powerful directories like Yelp and Superpages to bring the best business search results to a customer.

Local SEO More Important As Mobile Searches Rise

Mobile search is booming. With every year, more and more or the overall search pie is trending towards people searching on their mobile phones. Because of this, Google has made massive changes in their SERPs, and they are much better at showing search results that they believe have local intent.

Today, Google alone handles more than 100 billion searches per month around the world. Of those searches:

  • 4 billion desktop queries per month in the United States alone have local intent.
  • 50%+ of mobile queries have local intent.
  • Roughly 15-20% of all searches are mobile.

From these numbers, we can extrapolate that there are approximately seven billion unique local searches per month on Google in the United States.

Are you getting a piece of that pie?

Why You Should Focus On Local SEO

Using a marketing company to provide Local SEO services may be a fantastic investment for your marketing dollars. local seo services - ranking on google maps

Specifically, we’ve been looking at the residential assisted living industry. Let’s say you have 10 beds and you charge $5,000 per bed. If you get your leads and residents from placing agencies such as, you are easily spending over $50,000 a year in marketing dollars to get new residents. And, that is not even considering additional fees and vacancies.

Now, let’s say for example you pay an SEO company to provide Local SEO services for $2,000 a month. Over time, you achieve top rankings on Google and potential customers are calling your business on an ongoing basis. You’ve spent $24,000 in marketing, less than 50% what you would have paid a placing agency. Plus, with some maintenance, you get to keep this rankings going forward!

Local SEO Ranking Factors

One question we get a lot revolves around the difference between traditional SEO and Local SEO. To be sure, there are carry overs that impact your rankings in both. Local SEO results show up in what is know as the Google Snackpack. It is the map and 3 listings you see on a search engine results page.

Traditional SEO results are those listings underneath Adwords results and underneath the Google Maps local listings.

Great content, a social media strategy and authoritative links are helpful for both traditional and Local SEO. However, some other ranking factors for Local SEO include Google My Business Signals, Mobile and Behavioral Signals and Review Signals.

Get Those Reviews!

A lot of small businesses shy away from a review strategy. They think they are too hard to get or they put their business at risk of negative reviews by asking for them.

We think this is crazy, and if you are afraid of asking for reviews, you have a bigger issue within your business that needs to be dealt with.

With reviews, you have an excellent opportunity to not only increase your Local SEO rankings but also create social proof that has a snowballing effect. The buying process is different today and customers rely heavily on online reviews. Be sure to get a system and strategy in place for asking for reviews. And, make is simple for your customer!

Get Started With Local SEO Now

There is one thing for sure about Local SEO. If you don’t put a plan in place, your competition will beat you out for the rankings, and you will need to get those customers from another source.

If you are looking for help from an experience digital marketing company with proven results, contact us today to discuss custom Local SEO services that are right for you.