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SEO Is Like Oz

Shopping for an SEO company can be scary. There are hundreds of different companies out there, all boasting that they can get you ranked on the first page of Google search engine results. But how do you know which one to trust?

As you search the Internet for SEO companies, it’s easy to feel a bit like Dorothy in the strange land of Oz. When you finally do get the nerve to approach the GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ with a request for SEO services, it can be quite intimidating. And then you get this sneaky, underlying suspicion that behind the booming voice, bright lights and smoke, there’s really just some dweeby guy pulling strings and levers. Even worse, that guy may not care two cents about your business. What if his SEO services are really just an elaborate mechanism designed to extract the maximum amount of money from you without regard to what’s really in the best interest of YOUR business?

I told you it was scary.

Cookie Cutter Has to Go

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever come across a doctor who diagnosed every patient with the exact same problem? Or worse yet, prescribed the same remedy or medication for every patient based on the kickbacks he received from drug companies? Terrifying, right? So why are there hundreds of SEO companies doing just that to their clients?

What if there was a way to avoid the mystery of the GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ? What if there were SEO packages that were custom designed according to your website’s exact needs? What if you could form a long-term partnership with an SEO firm that legitimately cared about your business?

Custom SEO Is the New Way

At Marketplace Earth, we are dedicated to taking the mystery out of the process and creating a custom SEO package that fits your business better than a $2,000 Armani suit. We want to earn your trust, which means we are willing to take the time to create a personalized video for every one of our prospective clients, outlining just the right SEO elements for their sites.

As for cost, we work hard to create affordable SEO packages and believe our pricing should be custom as well. Sometimes what your site needs is to build trust in the eyes of the real GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ—Google. That means it may not make sense to dump a truckload of money into a link building campaign just yet. And sometimes if you’ve already reached your original goals, there is no sense in paying a lot of money for obtained achievements. We’ll work with you to bring your costs down and investigate new areas of opportunity.

No More Smoke and Mirrors

Do you get the idea? Marketplace Earth is ending the secrecy and the unnecessary tension in SEO services. We use video to illustrate—in plain English—exactly what your site needs, and we put the needs of your business first. Simply sign up for a free consultation using the form below, and we’ll get to work producing your custom SEO services video report.