Social Media—it seems that’s all you hear about these days. Facebook this and Twitter that. Social media has become a phenomenon of our age. It only took five years for Facebook to reach 50 million viewers, whereas it took television 50 years to reach that same audience. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools are growing at astronomical rates, seeing as many as 50,000 unique visitors per day. Facebook has over 300 million members already, and Google views them as a chief competitor.

You know that your business should be tapped into the social media world, but it all seems so mysterious and confusing! Many businesses have even dipped their toes into social media, but have had little to no success in improving their bottom line. Why? Allow me to share the key to unlocking the social media phenomenon.

The Not-So-Complicated Secret

Enlist An Army

Big secret, right? But it’s true! The real power of Social Media is that you can enlist an army of passionate, devoted, half-crazy fanatics who will shout your business’s praises to the nations using today’s fast-paced technology tools. Wouldn’t you like to have thousands of unpaid marketers advocating your business to everyone they know? The people they share with then share with everyone they know, and so on and so on. Create a product that your customers love and they will help your business go viral.

It’s as simple as the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others….”

In order to enlist this army, you need to give ’em what they love. People love interesting content, helpful tips, outstanding products, free giveaways, a company with a personality, inside information, coupons and rewards. Give your fans what they love and they will pay you back. On the other hand, if you use social media to push a hard sell, they will run away as fast as they can.

Let Marketplace Earth Help

Sound too good to be true? Let Marketplace Earth help you harness the real power behind social media marketing. We not only provide you with the technological elements necessary to succeed in the social media world, but we help you enlist that powerful army of advocates for your business.

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