OK, so you’ve got an awesome new video for your website, and now you want to let the world know. There’s just one problem. How do you do that?!? There’s no marketing ROI in creating an amazing video that no one will ever see! You need a video launch assist campaign so that you can hit the ground running and tell the world about your product or service. At Marketplace Earth, we’ve handcrafted the perfect solution. Our Video Launch Assist service can give your video the boost it needs. Just think of it as your video’s own personal injection of social media awesomeness!

Video Launch Services

  • Targeted Content Marketing—We research and compile a list of individuals who create Internet content for those in your industry and make direct contact with them regarding the importance of sharing your video message with their audience.
  • Content Partners—Marketplace Earth has a large list of fans, plus video partners with their own fans, who assist in promoting your video during its initial launch.
  • Video SEO—We research keywords that your target audience is currently using within your industry and optimize your video to help it rank higher on search engines.
  • Conversation Engagement—We use our keyword research to find strategic places on the Internet where conversations are occurring about your topic and seed those discussions with your new video message.
  • Video Press Release—We write, optimize and distribute a video press release to over 30,000 online news outlets. (optional)
  • Video Title Optimization—We find the best title to increase the shareability of your video, a factor which is key to any viral campaign.
  • Video Thumbnail Optimization—A viewer’s first impression is usually created by the video thumbnail, so we choose the best thumbnail that grabs attention and invites views.
  • SEO Impact—Viral content will naturally have an enormous positive impact on your site’s SEO. Users will share your content on blogs and other social media sites, giving you large numbers of inbound links.
  • Social Media Marketing—We submit your video to the most powerful social media sites on the web. Each of these social media services has millions of unique visitors. We make sure your video gets shared with users relevant to your company’s target demographics.
  • Custom Facebook Page – We use either your Facebook page or create a custom Facebook page to draw targeted viewers to your video.  After watching the video, we then deliver to you a page of thousands of fans interested in your product niche for you to manage.  Or, if you want, we can manage this page for you going forward.

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