The way people use the Internet is changing. Video is the new black, and web video is the most powerful tool you can use to capture people’s attention and get your message across. Marketplace Earth can help you with your web video production needs by producing a custom explanatory video for your company.

The explanatory video below not only gives you a full understanding of how Marketplace Earth works with you to produce your unique explanatory video, but it also gives you an example of a finished product. So yeah, rack this one up to multitasking.

Video Increases Conversion

The attention span of people browsing your website is short. Explanatory videos keep your visitors engaged and significantly increase conversion rates. Check out these amazing conversion statistics.

Consumers who view videos on websites are 64% more likely to buy something from the site, and they also tend to spend more time (up to two minutes) on webpages per visit. Additionally, 96% of shoppers who make online purchases have watched online video before. For advertisers, online video is also able to influence shoppers’ buying decisions. According to comScore, 63% of total U.S. internet users are reached by video advertising. These consumers account for 83% of online sales, making them highly valuable targets.

Video Is on the Rise

Research shows that marketers are waking up to the power of web video. Check out some of the latest statistics in video usage from 2010.

2010 video spending will reach $1.5 billion, up 48% from last year. [eMarketer]
Online video advertising and related media spend is forecast at $2.7 billion in 2010, and double-digit growth is projected through 2012. [AccuStream Research]
Advertising in video streams will also continue to grow, up more than 60% in 2011 to $5.6 billion, with 2 out of every 5 streaming video ad dollars being spent by local advertisers. [Borrell Associates]

How and Where to Use Videos

As with any other marketing technique, it’s important to have a plan. How and where should you use these videos? Explanatory videos can be used throughout your website, on video sites like YouTube, as promotional pieces, at conferences and in many other marketing channels. We recommend multiple videos strategically located throughout your site—on your Home page to grab the visitor and on strategic landing pages linked to ad campaigns.


Our pricing structure is easy on the budget. We’d love to talk with you about your video production needs and how our simple pricing structure can accommodate most any budget. Fill out the free analysis form.