The simple answer?  Uhh … no.

Google is promoting faster searches, smarter predictions, and instant results with their new Google Instant search enhancement.  Not only have they eliminated the need to click “Search” or push “Enter”, but they have also eliminated the need for their users to fumble through words or phrases that they are trying to think of for their search.  Google Instant lets you adapt your search as you type because the results pop up on your screen as you type the search terms.

The SEO community is both excited and wary of this new search enhancement from Google.  Some SEO experts are saying that this will make SEO irrelevant because no user will see the same web anymore which makes optimizing it difficult.  However, many more SEO experts are claiming that this is a positive change and adds another level to SEO.  This is due to the ability to now link key-letters, not just keywords.  These same SEO experts are of the opinion that it has the potential to blow the SEO game wide open.

Google Instant And SEOAt Marketplace Earth, we are of the opinion that this is a positive change and don’t see any downsides to how this will affect your business or our strategic SEO campaign for your site.  Even with the inauguration of Google Instant, searchers will still have to type in keywords to Google and Google still has to decide who is going to rank.  Note this Q and A from the mouth of Google:

Q:  Does this change impact the ranking of search results?

A:  No, this change does not impact the ranking of search results.

The new change simply means Google speeds up showing their results.  Even suggestions are nothing new.  Google had two suggestion layers previously and this adds a third, but that doesn’t do anything to the importance of knowing what keywords you want to rank for on Google.

All SEO efforts such as On Page SEO and link building continue to be just as important as they have been in the past.  As we consistently preach, one of the main goals in SEO is creating good content, not just good keywords.  Google wants to rank the best content, the most relevant sites.  It makes them a better search engine.  So, always be thinking about how you can improve your site’s content.  Continue to implement SEO best practices and Google Instant will be just an improvement in how fast searchers can get to your site!