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Marketplace Earth’s Ecommerce SEO package is designed for business owners who have an online, Ecommerce store. We have developed a unique pricing model that mitigates your risk with the intention of creating a long term partnership.

What Is Revenue Share?

Revenue Share is a unique SEO pricing model we have developed in which we “share” a percent of your business’ online, organic sales. Typically, we base this percentage off of industry standards. If your sales do not increase, we do not get paid.

We want to earn your trust. What is the one way an SEO company can gain an Ecommerce store owner’s trust? The simple answer is that you have to have skin in the game. Most SEO contracts are set up by SEO companies looking to make the most amount of money for the least amount of work. When you think about it, when paying a monthly fee for Ecommerce SEO, you are incentivizing the SEO company to do just enough work to keep you satisfied and still collect the payment. To us, this method seemed bass ackwards! So, we decided to revolutionize the process.

What if your SEO company was incentivized on performance? What if your SEO company was only paid when your sales increased? What if hiring an SEO company would actually mitigate your risk? What if your SEO company wasn’t an SEO company at all, but instead, was a Business Partner, who has a vested interest in the long term success of your business. We have designed our Ecommerce SEO pricing model in a way that we are incentivized to work as hard as we possibly can for your business. Doesn’t that make sense?

Why Should I Trust You?

It’s simple enough. We don’t make money until YOU make money and not a moment sooner. We offer Pay For Performance Search Engine Optimization packages.  Have you ever thought that it is strange for an SEO company to have the power to charge thousands of dollars every month for an SEO campaign that guarantees no real results? Sure, they may be able to improve some rankings, but until that affects a business’ bottom line, rankings means nothing. Rankings are not the end goal. ROI is the end goal, and yet so many SEOs have the gall to charge an arm and a leg for improving a few keyword rankings. “Who do they think they are?!?” Well, unfortunately, they are the SEO experts and you are not. And so, you are forced to come groveling to the almighty SEO’s feet and beg for Keyword Research, On Page SEO and Link Building. Until now…

We’ve heard the horror stories over and over again. “I paid thousands of dollars to an SEO company and got ripped off!” “You promised results, and I’ve seen no improvement in sales!” “Why should I trust you???” And there it is. The ultimate issue that must be resolved before partnering with an SEO company is TRUST. How does an SEO company earn trust from clients? That is the key question we asked ourselves, and it led to our creation of a revenue share pricing model.

How Does Ecommerce SEO Differ From Brochure Sites?

Unlike with most brochure sites, its possible to determine the exact value of an SEO campaign for an Ecommerce site. If you get an increase in sales from organic search you know, not only that the campaign is working, but how much that campaign is worth. We use Google Analtyics to determine this value and base our commission on those amounts. This ensures you are getting great ROI on every dollar you spend.

Who Do We Want As Partners?

Marketplace Earth has over 8 years experience of Search Engine Optimization AND Ecommerce. Our founders became experts in the field of SEO by practicing on their own Ecommerce stores. We’ve been there. We’ve done that, and we’ve had HUGE amounts of success. When you partner with Marketplace Earth, you are not only getting a team of SEO experts, but you are also getting top of the line experience when it comes to Ecommerce technology strategists and superb conversion analysis for your business. You get the total package!

So, who are we looking for? Not just anyone! We understand that you can’t just push a magic button and make Ecommerce gold. It takes hard work. We are looking for dedicated Ecommerce owners who desire to partner with Ecommerce and SEO experts to work together and grow their business. This means teamwork and a joint effort. If you think that simply hiring an SEO company equals instant traffic and sales, then please go spend your marketing budget elsewhere. Our best clients are those who take full advantage of our wisdom and experience, while passionately look to expand their business into new markets. We are serious about growing your business, and we want to help you take it to the next level.

When Can I Get Started?

Now! Please watch our video to learn more and fill out the contact form below. We will have someone get in touch with you very soon.