There is no question that 2008 was a difficult year for the economy, and all signs point to 2009 being more of the same.  However, despite the slumping economy, Marketplace Earth’s clients had a banner year.

For MPE’s clients*, an astonishing average of 38.4% per month growth in organic search engine sales was realized!  

Here are some other highlights of 2008:

  • MPE increased its number of Strategic Partners (Rev Share) by 257%
  • MPE achieved top ten listings in Google, Yahoo & MSN for 80% of the keyword phrases for all Flat Fee Clients 
  • Capturing numerous competitive keyword phrases and achieving first page results in Google, Yahoo & MSN.  
  • Dominating multiple niche verticals

With this kind of explosive growth, both MPE and its clients are poised to generate even more market share and revenue in 2009.  We are continually fine tuning and adapting our process to become even more efficient for our clients. 

Thanks to MPE’s unique contract structure and a Pay for Performance philosophy, we are incentivized to work as hard as possible for you, and that is exactly what we are doing.  Our goal for your business is the same as yours – increase revenue.

We are celebrating a terrific 2008 for our clients, and we will be working hard to make 2009 even better! 

*This number refer’s to all of MPE’s revenue sharing clients who were either previously or began realizing organic sales online in 2008.