When you partner with Marketplace Earth, one of the first things we will do for you is provide extensive keyword research.  After all, it goes without saying that Search Marketing is driven by Search Traffic.  In the world of Search, we must be able to choose the best keywords that people are already searching for that will yield the highest amount of revenue.  So, how do we do this?

Well, when we begin our initial research, it normally will end up looking like a giant excel sheet of words with no real direction.  We compare numbers from Google Adwords Researcher, Wordtracker and other tools to compose this list, but now we have to narrow it down.  Here are the top three ways we categorize this list, and offer suggestions to you on which phrases are the best:

  1. Traffic Volume – Does it have lots of search volume relatively speaking?
  2. Intent/Visitor Type – What are people looking for in this search, and are they the person you want to have visit your site?
  3. Conversion Rate – Will a visitor on this particular keyword phrases lead to a sale?

We also recommend running trial campaigns through PPC to give you valuable data on search phrases, the intent of the visitor and if it will convert.  With solid data on these three factors, you can priortize what was once a list of random information into Low, Medium and High priority phrases to target.

Keyword research is critical to the success of your SEO campaign.  Don’t neglect this stage of the process!