1.  Actually Have a Good Product.

I know, it’s obvious, but in every industry niche there are lots of bad products and few good products. When I say product, I also mean service (this applies to service oriented businesses!) Successful businesses need to innovate or die. You have to be one of those that has a potentially leading product, or find something else.

2.  Be a Good Fan.

The most popular musicians are the ones that love their fans. The most popular and successful companies are the ones that love their customers. This takes time and energy to love back, but is huge.

3. Be Authentic.

Ok, business is serious, right. Wrong, business is just like life because it involves people. It’s funny, sad, emotional, hilarious, exhilarating, and inspiring. Shouldn’t your communications reflect that? Build trust with your followers, be authentic.

4.  Tap into your Competitor’s Networks.

Guess what. If you have an innovative product, your competitor’s customers will probably like you better. Do them a favor and follow them.

5.  Patience and Consistency.

Yeah, that. You’re building something that takes a while to build. Yeah I know, we’d all like to have a million followers/fans tomorrow, but it doesn’t work that way. People know if you’re legit by your consistency in following and posting.