Here at Marketplace Earth, we go beyond simple text SEO. We offer web video creation services, plus viral video assist services that include video search engine optimization. So even if you’ve already created your own video and don’t need our help on that end, we can make sure that your video gets seen. In order to accomplish this goal, we employ an armada of tools and tactics, including targeted content marketing, video distribution channel saturation and leveraging our content partners.

Believe it or not, it usually takes more than producing a great video to get that video to go viral. Or even just to get that video to show up on search engine results pages. But while getting top hits for your video on Google is not as simple as pressing the upload button, having top hits in the video search category can yield significant results for your company, because it’s a market that’s not as heavily tapped as regular SERP results.

Run a quick video search for a random topic and see what turns up. You’ll notice that often the top results are not professionally produced content. Now try running a regular search for another phrase. The top hits are almost always owned by companies who have put significant money into capturing those results. What this means is that you’ll probably face less competition for video results, and therefore can move more quickly to the top of desirable results pages without spending as much money.

So don’t forget about your online video content when considering Marketplace Earth for your SEO needs.