With our wide variety of Ecommerce clients we can easily see the effects of the same links and the same on-page SEO techniques across different sites and the biggest factor in Ecommerce SEO by far is…

Domain Trust

Google slipped this variable into their ranking algorithm a couple of years ago and they seem to have increased its importance until today where it’s the dominant factor in competitive SEO.Google LogoWhat are some elements that seem to effect domain trust?

  • Length of time the domain has been in Google’s index
  • Types of links and length of time those links have remained static
  • Number of pages indexed within that domain
  • Authority sites that link to that domain

When one of our clients seem to be suffering from a lack of domain trust in Google we initiate a careful, long-term sustained effort to increase their domain’s trust. There are no quick shortcuts to increasing domain trust (unless you have an old trusted domain you can redirect).So if you’re launching an Ecommerce business using a new domain with no domain trust, understand that building domain trust is going to dominate your SEO efforts during the first 18 months of your new online business.