Product pages are obviously very important to your ecommerce site’s well-being. You really ought to set aside some time (or better yet, hire us to set aside some of our time) to work on your product descriptions in order to improve your site’s rankings and conversion rates. Therefore, today Marketplace Earth brings you 5 simple tips for writing search engine-friendly product descriptions:

  1. Don’t use the manufacturer’s text. Google hates copy-pasted text. Their algorithm looks for unique, useful content, written by real humans.
  2. Don’t overstuff with keywords. Remember, we said in #1 that Google looks for human-written text. Not only that, but if consumers do find your site through a search engine, you’ll want them to find useful, intelligent product descriptions when they get there. Make sure the copy flows naturally and is informative.
  3. Include keyword variations. If you’re selling Doctor Who scarves, people might search for “dr who scarf,” “dr who scarves,” “doctor who scarf”…. You get the idea. Include some of those variations in your text, always bearing in mind tip #2, of course.
  4. Proofread. Nobody likes to buy from a seller who doesn’t seem to have a basic mastery of spelling and grammar. On top of that, if you misspell your keywords, they won’t be much use to you.
  5. Enable customer comments/reviews. Why not let your customers do your work for you? Let them describe what they love about the products you sell.

Remember–it’s not just about SEO. You also need conversion. So you need to find a healthy balance between keyword-rich text and text that will actually lead someone to want to buy your products.