Your company’s SEO and PPC campaigns should both be aiming to bring more quality traffic (i.e. eyeballs that convert to sales) to your site. Why, then, is there often such an envenomed struggle within a company when it comes to deciding how much money to allocate to each? SEO and PPC both have strengths and weaknesses, and when you know what those are, you can use them well in conjunction to increase your profit. The trouble is that often the two areas have completely different sets of people working on them. Not only does this give rise to contention when it comes to budgeting decisions, the lack of communication can also be detrimental to both types of campaign.

Here at Marketplace Earth, we can provide you with both SEO and PPC services. Our team works to come up with the best strategy to fit your company’s needs–a strategy that takes into account the effectiveness of both SEO and PPC. We know that when it comes to internet marketing, one size does not fit all. For instance, perhaps you’re looking to hit the ground running with a new, time-sensitive initiative. We’ll make sure you have a PPC campaign in place to get you the immediate response you need. On the other hand, if you’re looking to see a long-term increase in conversion rates around your core products, we’ll get the SEO in place to make sure it happens. And of course, we’ll make sure that your SEO and PPC efforts are feeding into each other to serve you best together. We focus your resources and our energies on the elements that will help you to reach your specific goals.