Optimizing your website is essential to the usability of your site. Whether you have an ecommerce, informational or recreational website, there are expectations that your website needs to meet to be fully functioning with respect to search engines.

The important “TY” factors to consider when improving the usability of your website are accessibiliTY, findabiliTY, credibiliTY, authenticiTY, understandabiliTY, browser compatibiliTY and searchabiliTY. It may seem like a lot of responsibiliTY, but if these things are done well they can make a world of difference for your website. You will find yourself getting more visits from users and high rankings with search engines. No user, or search engine for that matter, wants to come to your site and be completely confused by it.

At Marketplace Earth, we make your website’s purpose not just clear to users, but to you as well.  We will walk you through the process while we prioritize getting the most usability out of your website, so that it will rank well on Google.  Ultimately, search engines like Google will rank amazing websites.  Remember that part of what makes your website amazing is its usability.