undefinedIn the world of SEO, it’s very difficult to know who to trust.  Ok, you have an Ecommerce store, and now you have been bombarded by a million different SEO companies.  How do you know which one to choose?  Who can you trust?  Is this money well spent or highway robbery?  All of these questions are perfectly legit, which is why Marketplace Earth creates contracts to help earn your trust.

Marketplace Earth, at its core, believes that Ecommerce SEO should be a partnership between the client and the SEO company.  This is why our contracts are set up in the form of a revenue share.  We are a Pay for Performance company, which means that unless we are driving sales to your site, we don’t get paid on an ongoing basis!  This is in stark contrast with how we see every other SEO site on the internet set up their contracts.  While most SEO companies are attempting to gouge you for the most amount of money and the least amount of work, Marketplace Earth sets up Rev Share contracts that have a built in guarantee.  We are incentivized to work has hard as we possibly can for your site because it is in both of our best interests.  Unless we are driving organic sales to your site, we don’t get paid!  We believe this form of a partnership makes absolute sense.  Why pay for something that does not guarantee results?  Marketplace Earth doesn’t believe you have to.  

A partnership with us means that we will do everything in our capabilities to increase your sales.  We believe in forming long term relationships with our clients that will benefit both parties.   Is this form of a contract unique?  Absolutely!  In fact, it places us at extreme risk because without results, we don’t make any money.  However, we have proven successful over and over again with our clients.  In fact, thru October of 2008, Marketplace Earth has averaged a 9.3% increase in revenues each and every month.  Keep in mind, this is excluding our biggest months of the year, which are November and December.  Our clients are benefiting from more sales and Marketplace Earth continues to help them grow. 

If you are seeking an SEO company you can trust, why not consider a partnership with Marketplace Earth?