New Amazon Navigation

I’m sure most of you are aware of the design evolution of  Their latest revision deviates from what I’m sure will go down in the annals of ecommerce design history, as the worst site navigation ever.  Do you remember the massive hover menu they had at the top.  Absolutely terrible.  It’s no wonder they changed it.  The new design is MUCH better.

Retailers take note.  Simple is better.  Better for your customers AND better for Search Engine Optimization.

Case in point, the new Amazon primary navigation which is now on the left hand side of the site.  As you can see, this menu now shows most of the shopping categories, but does so in a very simple, clean way; making it much easier to locate the category you wish to visit.

Each of the primary categories is Bold and a Brighter Color, while subcategories are indented with a normal font weight and darker color.  This allows an easy-on-the-eyes method for presenting a lot of information, as well as helping your customers get to exactly what they want in the fewest amount of clicks.

Just remember, whatever part of the brain that keeps saying you need a flashy design to have a professional website, tell it to back off and learn from Amazon’s mistakes.