Did I hook you with the title?  Good, this post is worth it!  I want to talk about an extremely simple task that you can do for your website to help generate rankings, traffic and ultimately sales.  The million dollar tactic? … blogging.

I know.  I know.  You’ve heard it before from us, but the simple truth is that this small and easy task GREATLY improves your rankings.  It increases your chances at long tail traffic and Google loves, loves, LOVES fresh content.  So, why aren’t you doing it???

We constantly have clients asking us, “what can we do to improve our rankings?  Yes, I know all about the on page tactics – H1 tags, alt tags, meta data and link building, but I want more!”  To which we respond, “you should blog, consistently and get fresh content on your site.  Give the bots a reason to come back to your site.”  And BAM!  We get the blank stare and nod from our clients, but NO IMPLEMENTATION!

Seriously?  This is not a hard thing to do.  Set up a WordPress blog on your site and get after it.  Why only $10 a week?  Because 2 posts a week will vastly improve your rankings, depth of site and long tail traffic.  2 posts take about 1 hour of work.  You can hire a high school student to do this, and they’ll count it as a good pay rate!  So, why aren’t you doing this.

Blog.  Blog often.  Blog as much as you can.  The internet is based on content, fresh content.  Don’t let your site become stale and useless to the spiders.  Be dynamic.  Be fresh.  Be original.  Be unique.  Use your keywords and write all about them.  Suck it up.  Do the boring work or hire it out for $10 a week!  Do it consistently and watch your sales improve.