You’ve got a cool website with fantastic products. You’ve got the lowest prices around and awesome shipping options. Of course customers are going to naturally start flocking to your site. You don’t need search engine optimization (SEO), right? Not so much. Let’s say that your site is the best around. As soon as someone sees it, they are bound to buy from you. But how is anyone ever going to see your site if they can’t find it in a search engine?

The fact is that most web traffic is driven by the major search engines–Google, Yahoo!, Bing and their brethren. Alright, you say, I’ll go ahead and place paid ads on those sites, then. That’s not enough. Don’t get me wrong–we definitely think that pay-per-click advertising has its place in your marketing campaign, and we’ll be happy to help you explore that option as well. But you can’t neglect organic search traffic just because you’ve paid to appear for certain terms on Google. Most people prefer to click on organic search results rather than the paid advertisers at the top of the page. And for people to click on your link, they have to see your link. Yes, without optimization, your site will still likely show up in Google search results. The problem is, it’ll most likely be pretty far down in the rankings for the keywords that matter. Search engine users don’t generally go past the first three pages of search results, or even just the first page. So if your site isn’t listed in the top results, potential customers will  never even know your site exists.

Now, there’s a lot of SEO work you can do on your site for yourself. Research on the internet will turn up a lot of great advice and tips on how to optimize your site. If you’ve already begun doing this, fantastic! Marketplace Earth offers SEO consulting services on an hourly basis if you are doing pretty well on your own but could just use a little advice or help. But really, there’s only so much SEO you can do for yourself before it starts taking away from more important tasks you should be working on. Also, SEO can be tricky. If you use the wrong sorts of tactics on your site, search engines may penalize your site in their rankings, or even ban you altogether. The team here at Marketplace Earth has years of experience in building ecommerce revenues through the use of smart SEO tactics. Let us use our time and expertise to do what we do best so that you can spend your time doing what you do best–running your business.

Marketplace Earth will fine-tune your site and give you the information you need to bring your SEO to the next level. We will customize your SEO campaign to fit your particular business’s needs, targeting those keywords that will mean the most money for your company. Marketplace Earth works with ecommerce sites on a revenue share basis. What does this mean? It means that we don’t get paid until we start earning you money. That’s great incentive for us to do our utmost to make sure your site is not only seen on search engine result pages, but that those views get turned into clicks, and those clicks get converted to sales. How can you afford not to optimize?