We all know that generating unique, quality content for your site is extremely important to ranking well in search engine results, especially after Google’s Panda update. The problem is, when you’re an ecommerce site, it’s sometimes hard to see what that looks like. Of course, you must make sure that the meat of your site, your product pages, contain completely original content. No manufacturer’s descriptions or copy scraped from other sites allowed. But once you’ve taken care of that, how else can you build out content that will get eyeballs to your site? First of all, you’ll need to brainstorm some new types of content that you can add. Thankfully there are some tried-and-true options out there.

You can start with adding a blog to your site. A blog is great because it can be updated regularly. Search engines spiders love sites that post on a regular schedule and will make a point of coming back to analyze the new content. Make sure you’re including targeted keywords in all of your posts. Another reason a blog is a great option is that it can serve as a host for many different types of articles and media. You can post photos to your blog, links, videos, audio files—the sky’s the limit.

Videos also make great content for your site. The online audience loves videos. You can produce short video highlights of your best products, tutorials on how to use them, descriptions of the services your company offers or editorial segments on issues important to your industry. All of these will draw quality traffic to your site.

A third option is to invite user-generated content. Why do all the hard work of writing when others are perfectly happy to do it for you? The most obvious type of user-generated content appropriate to an ecommerce site is customer reviews. Not only will this provide you with the unique content search engines reward, but your customers will love the opportunity to see what others think about the products they’re shopping for and give feedback themselves.