Today we have just a quick tip for you. The Golden Rule (you know, the one your mom always shouted at you when you picked on your little brother, “Do unto others…”) is a surprisingly useful one to follow for SEO. Anyone who’s spent much time in the blogosphere knows that spending time reading others’ blog post and commenting on them, developing a conversation, can lead quickly to a wider readership for your own blog. On social media sites you see the same thing–follow someone on Twitter, retweet a few times or get involved in discussion and you’ll see your follower tally grow. Surprisingly (or perhaps not) the same kind of thinking can help you out when it comes to SEO as well.

To begin with, getting out there on the web and commenting on relevant websites and just generally getting involved in discussion will make your name/brand more visible. Of course, you’ll want to leave intelligent, thoughtful comments if you want to be recognized as someone who knows what they’re talking about. But even if you just comment here and there, by adding a link to your website in your signature line you can get some good link juice flowing. Actually, you can accomplish this by emailing or commenting on sites that aren’t even related to your own business. Simply say something nice about someone else’s product (preferably honestly) and provide a link to your site. Think about emailing testimonials, too. Just make sure to say they’re welcome to publish your testimonial on their site, again not neglecting to provide a link.