Social Media MarketingLoyal customers are every small business’s bread and butter, right? Not only are their repeat purchases an important portion of sales, but in the age of social media, they’re your best marketing reps, as well. A customer who loves your brand will broadcast its virtues to the world, not only by direct word of mouth, but by means of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and every other online medium you can imagine. Think about all those mom-and-pop stores that stay in business in the face of retailers like Walmart and Amazon undercutting their prices. Why are those stores still there when so many others have failed? Loyal customers who fight for their existence.

But for an ecommerce business, it’s not like folks from the neighborhood are dropping in every few days to lean on the counter and chat it up. So how does an online retailer, which doesn’t get much (if any) face-time with its customers, build such loyalty? Well, it’s still all about interactivity. You need to join the conversation where it’s already happening: on social media sites. You need to get out there and find out what your customers are saying, not only about your brand, but about the products that you sell. Then you need to create an online presence on those sites for your business and start interacting.

What exactly does that interaction look like? First, you need to give them value—a reason to tune into your social media feeds. Everyone loves interesting content, useful tips, free giveaways, inside information, coupons and rewards.  Give your fans what they love, and they will pay you back. On top of that, you need to engage them in dialogue. Don’t be a one-way information channel. Talk to your customers. Answer their questions and address their concerns. Bonus points if you can give your company a unique personality while doing that. Be funny, snarky, sweet, comforting—whatever best fits your brand image.

Sounds like a lot, right? The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. Marketplace Earth offers expert help with your social marketing needs. Check it out.