TwitterYes, you should optimize your tweets, but don’t neglect to optimize your profile either. A Twitter profile page can provide a good hub for your brand and also help you to capture the top results for your brand’s particular SERP. Choose a good, straightforward handle and account name. In Twitter’s case, these two are not always the same. Think about what people looking for your company would typically search for. For example, if most people know you as William Smith, you should probably use that as your handle, rather than Bill Smith, W. Smith or some other variation. Next, pay careful attention to your bio. Your bio on Twitter serves as your Meta Description, so write accordingly. Utilize keywords and phrases strategically. Don’t forget to enter your company’s homepage in the Web field.

Now it’s time to optimize your actual tweets. Google now shows live results for Twitter when you run an Updates search and tweets are included in regular search results. You should of course make sure to use keywords important to your brand in your tweets. But perhaps some of the most important things you can do for your twitter SEO efforts is to make your tweets retweetable. This is how you enlist the help of an army of internet users to spread your content. People will only follow you on Twitter, and will certainly only retweet you, if you provide useful, informative content. Give your followers information and links that they’ll want to share with friends. Also, make sure that you don’t use up all 140 characters in your tweets. Remember that if someone is going to retweet you, they’ll want to add RT @yourusername to the front of the tweet. Make sure to leave enough characters for this to be done without much, if any, editing. (For the same reason, you will probably want to pick a relatively short username.)